Immerse Yourself in Legendary Sound: Toledo Harley Davidson Riders Upgrade With Rockford Fosgate & TAS Electronics

Escape into an elevated riding experience with Rockford Fosgate’s innovative Harley Davidson audio systems, available through TAS Electronics, your go-to provider for Rockford’s integrated audio systems. Expertly crafted to deliver unrivaled sound, these purpose-built solutions transform your motorcycle’s audio performance both on and off the road.

Overview of Rockford Fosgate Harley Davidson Audio Systems

Rockford Fosgate brings decades of audio engineering excellence focused entirely on the motorcycle environment. Their acclaimed collaboration with the icons at Harley Davidson has resulted in integrated audio systems that enhance your journey mile after mile.

Featuring cutting-edge technology melded with weatherproof construction, Rockford Fosgate audio kits, speakers, amplifiers and source units are built to last. Systems deliver best-in-class power with efficient energy use even at high speeds, overcoming wind and road noise.

Plug-and-play design ensures quick installation without excessive garage time. Backed by Rockford’s innovations like RF3 fit and finish for seamless integration, these systems transform your Harley’s soundtrack for the long haul.

Components Available:

  • Complete audio kits with speakers, amplifiers & wiring
  • Fairing, saddlebag and tour-pak speakers
  • High powered M Series amplifiers
  • Intuitive touchscreen source units
  • Antennas, wiring harnesses & accessories

Key Benefits:

  • Crystal clear sound at highway speeds
  • Simple plug-and-play installation
  • Weatherproof, waterproof & corrosion resistant
  • Custom engineered for Harley models
  • Retains factory look with innovative style

Immerse yourself in the legendary quality of Rockford’s Harley solutions. Let’s examine what makes their integrated systems so powerful.

Speakers Engineered for Crystal Clear Sound

Speakers Engineered for Crystal Clear Sound

The journey is defined by the soundtrack, which is why Rockford Fosgate obsessively engineers their motorcycle speakers for pristine audio and extreme durability across endless miles of adventure.

Types of Motorcycle Speakers

2-way vs 3-way:

  • 2-way speakers have a woofer and tweeter
  • 3-way add a midrange driver for wider frequency production

Fairing Speakers:

Mounted in the front fairing for direct sound

Saddlebag Speakers:

Deliver 360° sound from the saddlebags

Tour-Pak Speakers:

Rear speakers that complete your audio immersion

Speaker Specifications

  • Wattage indicates maximum power handling
  • Frequency response measures output sound spectrum
  • Sensitivity determines loudness from amount of power

Rockford speakers boast high wattage capability (150W+), expansive frequency range (52Hz – 20kHz+) and sensitivity over 90dB for potent sound output.

Advanced Speaker Features

TMS Speakers:

  • Injection molded polypropylene woofer cones
  • Silk dome tweeters for smooth, precise highs
  • Multi-layer voice coils for greater heat dissipation

RFT Speakers:

  • Anodized aluminum woofer cones for rigidity
  • Patented Plus OneTM woofer surround for higher output
  • Custom tooled and tuned for Harleys

Element ReadyTM Durability

All Rockford Fosgate speakers withstand the merciless motorcycle environment thanks to Element Ready technology:

  • Waterproof construction
  • Corrosion resistant parts
  • UV resistant materials prevent fading
  • Withstand vibration, shock and extremes

Uncompromising sound and resilience in all conditions – that’s the Rockford difference.

Amplify and Enhance with High Powered Amplifiers

The amplifier takes your audio to the next level – delivering the power and clarity to overcome noise and environments. Rockford’s M Series amps crank your system while intelligently managing electrical draw.

Benefits of Motorcycle Amplifiers

  • Increase volume and enhance sound quality
  • Drive multiple speakers for surround audio
  • Enable adjustability with crossover and EQ
  • Protect speakers and electrical systems

Amplifier Classes and Specifications

Wattage indicates power supplied at minimum distortion

Signal to Noise (SNR) measures background noise ratio

Frequency response defines operating sound spectrum

Infineon Gen5 Class D Amplifiers provide extreme efficiency in compact chassis. Over 93% efficient at full power.

M Series Amplifier Highlights

  • Flagship M5 (800W+) delivers elite Harley sound upgrading
  • Premium M3 (300W+) powers fairing speaker sets
  • IPX6 rated for total weather protection
  • Onboard DSP for custom tuning and EQ
  • Constant PowerTM prevents power fluctuations

Intuitive Source Units with Cutting Edge Technology

The source unit gives you command of your music with modern connectivity and controls. Rockford’s PMX source units integrate flawlessly with your ride’s aesthetics and functions.

Motorcycle Source Unit Capabilities

  • Digital AM/FM Radio with presets
  • Built-in amplifier to power speakers
  • Bluetooth connectivity and audio streaming
  • Touchscreen interface for navigation
  • Support Apple CarPlay and Android Auto
  • Expandability via RCA outputs

PMX Model Source Unit Features

PMX-HD9813RG for 1998-2013 Harley Touring Models

  • Retains OEM handlebar audio controls
  • 50W x 4 amplification
  • Auto volume control

PMX-HD14 for 2014+ Harley Touring Models

  • 7″ full color LCD touchscreen
  • Multi-zone independent audio
  • SiriusXM ready with parental controls

Both feature rich integration and clean modern style.

Advanced Control and Connectivity

  • Bluetooth wireless pairing and streaming
  • USB & Aux direct inputs
  • SiriusXM satellite radio capable
  • Music sharing to other PMX systems via Street Party ModeTM

LCD Display and Interface

-missions and settings

  • Capacitive touchscreen with glove compatible interface
  • Day and night modes to reduce glare

Rockford PMX motorcycle source units offer premium control over your audible atmosphere with 21st century wireless connectivity and device integration.

Complete Your System: Accessories for Seamless Integration

Complete Your System: Accessories for Seamless Integration

Install your system flawlessly while protecting your investment with Rockford Fosgate’s unrivaled selection of motorcycle audio accessories.

Types of Audio Accessories

Amplified Antennas Enhance AM/FM radio reception

Interconnects RCA cables for expandable audio

Power Kits Simplified power connections

Noise Filters
Reduce electrical interference

Mounting Kits Secure component installation

Speakers Grills Sleek style and audio protection

Purpose and Benefits

  • Protect speakers and equipment
  • Tidy wired connections
  • Matching aesthetic style
    -Allow flexible placement
  • Easy expandability

Rockford Fosgate tailors integrated parts so you can personalize your system.

Built to Withstand the Elements: Durability & Weather Resistance

Built to Withstand the Elements: Durability & Weather Resistance

The relentless vibration, scorching sun, sudden storms and repetitive abuse of the daily motorcycle riding barrage audio components relentlessly. Only rugged, weatherproof equipment can survive and excel.

Rockford Fosgate purpose-engineers endurance into every motorcycle system, certified to sustain all on-road punishment.

  • IP65 certification for total weather resistance
  • Corrosion proof parts and connections
  • UV protected against sun damage
  • Withstand extreme cold and heat cycles
  • Element ReadyTM tested against rain, mud and salt fog
  • Rubber isolation lockdowns absorb motorcycle vibration

Rockford Fosgate motorcycle audio is engineered for constant performance regardless of conditions for the long haul.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I determine ideal speaker or amplifier sizing for my motorcycle?

For the most accurate recommendations tailored to your specific motorcycle, call the experts at TAS Electronics. Our advisors can assist you  perfectly match speakers and amplifiers to your bike’s dimensions and how you ride. We make the process easy and ensure your complete satisfaction when upgrading your motorcycle audio. Give us a call today!

Do all kits fit my specific motorcycle make, model and year?

While most components are universally adaptable, we carry specific solutions for hundreds of Harley Davidson configurations. Refer to exact fitment guides or contact us to verify solution compatibility. Upgrades available for 1998 and newer tours.

Can I install a Rockford Fosgate system myself or do I need professional help?

Complete audio kits are designed for hassle-free plug-and-play DIY installation. However we recommend contacting certified technicians like TAS Electronics to ensure flawless integration and customization.

How do I integrate accessories like antennas and wiring kits into my existing sound system?

Our advisors can ensure perfect pairing of integrated accessories tailored to your system setup. We help build your ultimate custom audio architecture.

Will Rockford Fosgate systems work with my bike’s factory stereo?

Source units and complete kits provide upgraded replacements seamlessly retaining handlebar and headset connectivity. Speakers, amps and accessories integrate improving factory systems.

Trust the Experts at TAS Electronics

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