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Crystal Clear Protection for the Road Ahead

Toledo’s Top Dash Cams – Momento Dash Cams Sold and Installed by TAS Electronics

  • Protection: Dash cams provide crucial video evidence to protect you in the event of an accident or crime.
  • Peace of Mind: Gain 24/7 peace of mind knowing your vehicle is under constant surveillance.
  • Save Money: Dash cams can lead to insurance discounts for safer driving, saving you money.
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M7 Wi-Fi 3-Channel 2K QHD Dash Camera – Front & Rear

2K QHD (1440p) 3-channel dash camera system featuring front and rear cameras. Now with Wi-Fi to smartphone connectivity for viewing, downloading, and sharing your videos.

Includes embedded GPS antenna, impact and motion sensors, 64GB micro SD card, and battery-saving technology “Eco” mode.

Free M7 Wi-Fi App

Download the user-friendly Momento M7 Wi-Fi App from the App Store and Google Play to wireless connect to your M7 Wi-Fi dash cam.

In addition to convenience access to your dash cam videos, you will also be able to adjust your camera’s settings and functionality.

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  • Built-in Wi-Fi

  • 2K QHD Image Resolution

  • Front + Rear Camera

  • 3-Channel Camera

  • ECO Battery-Save Mode

  • Interactive LCD

  • Enhanced Image Sensor

  • Driving Modes

  • Parking Modes

  • Motion / Impact / Radar

  • Built-in GPS / Speed Antenna

  • 2-Year Warranty


Inside-Out Protection

In addition to the front and rear cameras included with M7 Wi-Fi, you can add a third exterior or interior facing camera, like the Momento IC6.

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Eco Mode Technology

Momento M7 Wi-Fi is the industry’s most efficient dash camera, thanks to our battery-saving technology, “Eco” Mode. When Eco Mode is activated while parked, your M7 dash camera uses radar to detect motion – reducing battery consumption by up to 90% This ensures that your vehicle and its battery remain protected.

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What’s Included

Momento M7 Wi-Fi includes everything you need to add 24/7/365 surveillance protection to your vehicle.
  • Z

    2K QHD front camera

  • Z

    1080p FHD rear camera

  • Z

    M7 Wi-Fi App and Desktop viewers

  • Z

    Easy-latch windshield mount w/ built-in GPS antenna

  • Z

    64GB microSD memory card

  • Z

    Installation harness

  • Z

    2-year warranty

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M6 Wi-Fi HD Dual Dash Camera

Wi-Fi enabled Full HD (1080p) dash camera system including front camera, rear camera, GPS antenna, and 32GB micro-SD memory card.


  • 2-Channel Dash Camera

  • Enhanced Low-Light Image Sensor

  • Built-in Shock Sensor

  • Driving Mode

  • Parking Mode

  • 2-Year Warranty

What is a “Smart” Dash Cam?

The M6 is Momento’s first dash cam that connects to your smartphone by creating a small and secure Wi-Fi hotspot inside your vehicle that only you can access through the Momento App.

In addition to giving you easy access to your video files, the Momento App also provides additional driving insights such as speed, location and trip data.

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An Extra Set of Eyes On the Road

You’re a safe, responsible driver, but accidents happen: Luckily, Momento’s got you covered:

Impact Sensors

Stores 15 seconds before and after any impact or shock your vehicle experiences

Driving Mode

Continuously record everything at the front and rear of your vehicle while driving.

Parking Mode

Even when you’re parked, the M6 has motion sensors that trigger recordings.

Dash Cams by TAS Electronics

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