Can Drone Mobile Cool Down My Car?

Cooling Your Car or Truck with the Magic of Remote Start

As the summer heat blazes on, nothing is more dreaded than stepping into a sunbaked vehicle. TAS Electronics, your trusted provider of DroneMobile services, presents the solution:  DroneMobile’s remote start app. This groundbreaking app empowers you to preemptively cool your vehicle, so you can step into comfort rather than a sauna. No more searing seatbelts or sweltering interiors. Let’s see how it works!

Harness the Magic of Remote Start

DroneMobile’s remote start app allows you to kickstart your car’s cooling system from virtually anywhere, be it your home, workplace, or elsewhere. Ready to drive? Just long-press the “remote start” button on the DroneMobile App. As your engine hums into action, the cooling process commences, setting the stage for a delightful ride.

Thanks to LTE technology, DroneMobile paves the way for smooth remote command over your car from any location. Lock, unlock, or start your car; all it takes is a few taps. Gone are the days of sitting, waiting for the air conditioning to do its job. Now, anticipate a comfortably cool vehicle whenever you desire.

Universally Compatible for a Plethora of Vehicles

One of DroneMobile’s strengths is its adaptability. It integrates flawlessly with popular aftermarket remote start systems like Compustar, iDatastart, and Arctic Start. This versatility means that it’s likely compatible with your vehicle. Its intuitive app design guarantees easy control over your vehicle’s temperature settings.

Temperature Tracking for Tailored Comfort

What sets the DroneMobile app apart is its ability to let you track the temperature inside your vehicle in real-time. You’re always in the know, ensuring your car hits that perfect coolness before you hop in.

However, it’s essential to remember that features may differ based on your vehicle’s make, model, and year and the kind of remote starter in use. If you value real-time temperature tracking, inform your installer upfront. This may mean adding a thermistor to your system—though some vehicles might not need one, thanks to integrated temperature readings from the car’s internal computer.

Embrace the Cool with DroneMobile

Say a definitive no to summer’s stifling heat inside your car. DroneMobile’s remote start app is your ticket to an always-cool vehicle. Experience the genius of remote start, intelligent temperature management, and unmatched compatibility. Here’s to every trip being refreshingly cool with DroneMobile!

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