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In the rhythmic heartbeats of Toledo, Ohio, a thrilling tale unfolds – a saga of passion, technology, and music. This is the story of TAS Electronics, a company that’s tuned into the pulses of time and technology for half a century, amplifying life’s soundtrack for the road adventurers, the daily commuters, and everyone in between.

Picture this –  a beautiful day in sunny Toledo Ohio on Telegraph Rd. in 1973 – TAS Electronics sparks into life  Working closely with car dealerships, we began by equipping radio-less cars with classic Motorola AM/FM systems, and the revolutionary 8-track. 

Saturday, traditionally a day off, became the day we opened our doors to retail customers, offering our renowned $19.95 special to add FM radio – a transformative upgrade in a time when most cars only had AM.

Breaker Breaker 1-9! In 1975 C.W. McCall hit the airwaves and saw Convoy go to #1 on the Country and Pop Charts and just a couple of years later, Smokey and the Bandit hit the silver screen and the demand for CB Radios went through the roof. At TAS Electronics you could get it all with a Clarion AM/FM 8 Track Stereo with CB built- in (That’s CB not CD!) If you didn’t own a “Fuzzbuster” radar detector from TAS, you could rely on your fellow CB’ers to share Smokey’s location with you.

As technology advanced, so did we.  With the popularity of the Sony Walkman, car audio began to transition from 8-tracks to cassettes and our amplifiers and speakers became bolder and better.   With the growing demand for custom car audio we opened our second and third stores at Dorr and Reynolds, and on Monroe Street at Whiteford.

The arrival of CDs was a seismic shift. We embraced the big, booming sound of subwoofers and custom-built trunk boxes.  Yet, in the late 80s and early 90s, as technology plateaued, so did we. Our Telegraph store moved to Airport Highway, reflecting our desire for new horizons.

“Are We There Yet?”    With the introduction of the DVD in the late 90s, mobile entertainment systems were the “must have” item especially among families with young children. Then with the advent of MP3 and iPod and the excitement of the new Millennium our spirit was rejuvenated.   It was a new dawn; an era of personalization and instant gratification. And just as we always had, TAS Electronics evolved, synchronizing our offerings to the rhythm of the digital age.

From the iPod, we danced our way into the age of smartphones and the seamless integration of Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, streaming music, and advanced vehicle electronics.  Bigger, better, and more convenient – this became our anthem.

Today, we operate from our superstore in Holland, on McCord and Airport, combining the expertise, the best sound displays, and the heartiest of welcomes from all our previous locations. At TAS Electronics, we believe in the power of sound, the thrill of innovation, and the joy of journey. We’ve evolved with the times, always tuned in to the beat of technology, ready to bring you the best in aftermarket car stereos, heated seats, car alarms, and remote car starters.

Because at the end of the day, it’s about more than just car audio – it’s about setting the soundtrack for your journey, one mile at a time.


Welcome to TAS Electronics, where we make your drive sound better.

TAS Electronics has been Northwest Ohio and Southeast Michigan’s leader in connected mobile technology since 1973.

If you can imagine it, TAS can make it happen.

Fast, Expert Installations

Exclusive Brands and Products

Fair and Transparent Pricing

Our Custom Installations will Exceed Your Expectations!

Call Us Today!

Spring Meadows / Holland:

(419) 867-7788

1510 S. McCord Road Holland, OH 43528

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