Drone Mobile in Toledo, Ohio: Ultimate Vehicle Control & Security by TAS Electronics

DroneMobile by TAS Electronics in Toledo, Ohio, offers cutting-edge vehicle control and security at your fingertips.

  • Remote Vehicle Control: Start, lock, and secure your car from anywhere.
  • GPS Tracking: Easily locate your vehicle and stay connected with family drivers.
  • Vehicle Monitoring: Receive instant updates on your vehicle’s status.
  • Smart Car Alarm: Immediate alerts for any security concerns.
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Car Starter Capabilities from Your Smartphone with Drone Mobile

Drone Mobile on iPhone

Car Starting Convenience Just Got Even Better

It is already a huge benefit to have the ability to start your car on a cold morning with your key fob, but Drone Mobile just upped the game. With their revolutionary technology, you can start your vehicle directly from your smartphone. No more fumbling for your keys or worrying about the fob’s battery running out.

But Drone Mobile didn’t just stop there. With the ability to directly connect your smartphone to your vehicle, you can also lock, unlock, and locate your vehicle from anywhere. You have 24/7 alert systems, so even if you aren’t near your car, truck, or SUV to hear your car alarm, the app will alert you if your vehicle’s security system is triggered.

Parents love Drone Mobile because there are additional features such as after-hours curfew driving alerts as well as tracking abilities to locate precisely where the car is located. There is a family sharing feature that allows individuals to have separate logins but shared access to your family’s multiple vehicles.

How does Drone Mobile Connect to My Vehicle?

Drone Mobile connects to your vehicle through an antenna that is discretely installed in your car. Through the Drone Mobile app, you can connect to your specific antenna and have full control over your vehicle’s safety and remote start features. The app does have a subscription fee, but with convenience like this, it’s certainly worth it.

Control your remote starter + alarm from anywhere

GPS tracking & Geofencing

Breakdown Prevention

Monitor vehicle status and maintenance reminders.

Contact TAS Electronics to have your Drone Mobile antenna professionally installed in your car today! We can usually have your vehicle back to you on the same day, and you’ll be able to enjoy your warm vehicle and your peace of mind with Drone Mobile as soon as it’s done. Contact or stop into your nearest TAS Electronics location today for all of your car starter installation needs!

Drone Mobile by TAS Electronics

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