Gear Up Your Ride: The 15 Best Remote Car Starters of 2024

Is there anything worse than hopping into your car on a frosty winter morning, jamming the key into the ignition, and being greeted by an arctic blast as you wait for the engine to warm up? I don’t know about you, but my teeth are chattering just thinking about it!

Luckily, there’s a simple solution to transform those frigid commutes into cozy, heated adventures – installing a remote car starter. With just the press of a button from the comfort of your home, these handy devices can get your engine fired up and the interior heating flowing before you set foot outside. And if you’re looking for the best in the market, TAS Electronics is your reliable provider for top-notch remote car starters.

But with so many models and brands on the market, how do you know which remote starter is right for your ride? Well friends, I’ve taken on the tough job of researching the top-rated remote car starters to find the ones that deliver on performance, range, features, and value.

After crunching the data, I’ve come up with this definitive list of the 15 best remote starters for 2024. From advanced smart car starters to basic 1-button systems, there’s an option here to warm up vehicles of every make and budget. Time to melt the ice and stay cozy!

The First String: The 15 Best Remote Car Starters

Here are my picks for the top remote car starters that will have you feeling fired up:

1. Compustar CSX4900-S

  • Best Overall: 2-way alarm alerts, 3,000 feet range, drone smartphone app compatibility

The CSX4900-S hits a homerun as the number one overall remote starter. This all-star system from Compustar boasts 2-way alarm alerts to notify you if anyone messes with your vehicle. It has excellent 3,000 foot range so you can start your engine from your home or office. And it works seamlessly with the Drone smartphone app for unlimited control range. The CSX4900-S brings the total package for convenience and security.

2. Compustar CS7900-AS

  • Top Bundle: Proximity unlock, remote start, 3,000 feet range, loud siren

Get the total hook up with the CS7900-AS bundle. It comes stacked with benefits like proximity unlock to automatically open your doors as you approach the vehicle. Fire up the engine from anywhere within 3,000 feet and deter thieves with a blaring siren. This combo deal gets you remote start and superior security in one system.

3. Viper 4806V

  • Best Smart Remote Starter: App control, 1 mile range, selectable start timers

The 4806V is a smart pick for controlling your vehicle right from your smartphone. The intuitive app provides remote start, door locks, trunk release, and car finder – all with 1 mile range. It also has nifty features like selectable start timers so your engine runs just long enough to reach perfect driving temperature. The future is now with the 4806V.

4. Python 5706P

  • Most Reliable: Failsafe starter kill, 1 mile range, keyless entry and trunk release

When you need a workhorse remote starter you can count on, look no further than the Python 5706P. Its failsafe starter kill prevents the engine from turning over when locked for unbeatable security. Enjoy keyless convenience with entry and trunk release at up to 1 mile away. The 5706P just works, every time.

5. Avital 5103LX

  • Best Budget: Under $100, up to 1 mile range, basic keyless entry

Just because it’s economical doesn’t mean it skimps on the essentials. For under $100, the Avital 5103LX packs 1 mile range into a simple 1-button remote. It handles basic keyless entry to unlock your doors without a key. This starter proves you don’t need fancy features to stay cozy on cold days.

6. Firstech CM7100

  • Best Plug-and-Play: Easy DIY install, 1,500 feet range, MEGA 3000 transceiver

Firstech designed the CM7100 for smooth DIY installation with a direct-wire “plug and play” harness. But it still has pros like 1,500 feet range and the MEGA 3000 long-range transceiver. For a remote starter that’s easy to set up yourself, this Firstech fits the bill.

7. Compustar RFX-R3

  • Most Compact: 1-button remote, 2,000 feet range, proximity unlock

Don’t let the tiny package fool you – the Compustar RFX-R3 is a powerhouse. The discreet 1-button remote gives you 2,000 feet of range in a convenient mini size. Proximity unlock opens your doors automatically as you approach. Small but mighty!

8. Crimestopper RS7-G5

  • Best with GPS: 5,000 feet range, smartphone GPS app

The Crimestopper RS7-G5 adds serious GPS tracking capabilities on top of robust remote start. It gives you expanded 5,000 foot range to start from over a mile away. The smartphone app provides your vehicle’s real-time location anytime. The ultimate in both control and peace of mind.

9. Bulldog RS82

  • Top Diesel Pick: 1 mile range, automatic transmission mode

Diesel engines need specialized starters, and the Bulldog RS82 delivers. It’s calibrated for smooth diesel remote start up to 1 mile away. An automatic transmission mode senses when the gears are engaged. Ideal for truck and tractor lovers who need serious cold weather cranking power.

10. Fortin EVO-ONE

  • Best for European Cars: 1,000 feet range, CAN bus integration

Engineered for European makes like Mercedes, BMW, Volvo, and VW, the EVO-ONE integrates directly into the CAN bus on imports. The result is efficient & reliable remote start with 1,000 feet range. Warm up your Euro ride the right way.

11. Responder LE Model 5901

  • Most Reliable 1-Way: 2,500 feet range, clone-safe encryption

With its superior 1-way range and encrypted signal, the Responder LE Model 5901 is hard to beat for bombproof reliability. You get nearly 2,500 feet of operating distance and clone-safe code hopping to prevent high-tech thieves from exploiting your signal. The security is rock-solid.

12. Clifford DSX-890X

  • Best Combo Remote Starter & Alarm: 1 mile range, keyfob included

Get two layers of protection with the combo car alarm and remote starter from Clifford. The handy keyfob provides 1 mile range for remote start and arming the alarm. Antitheft features like shock sensors and code encryption give you serious peace of mind. A great 2-in-1 security package.

13. Xpress Kit 2 7252V

  • Easiest Professional Installation: 1,500 feet range, 95db siren

The 7252V from Xpress simplifies professional installation with separate car alarm and starter modules linked by a fast digital data bus. But it still packs desirable features like 1,500 foot range, a 95 decibel siren, and the convenience of 2 keychain remotes. An integrated choice for a custom pro install.

14. AutoPage C3-RS665-2W

  • Most Customizable: 2,000 feet range, 2-way LCD remote, add-ons available

AutoPage designed the C3 line to be completely customizable for your vehicle. The base package includes a slick 2-way LCD remote with 2,000 feet range. And you can enhance the system with add-ons like a security module, keyless entry, and an ultrasonic interior monitor. Build a tailored-fit remote start your way.

15. Flashlogic FLCAN

  • Top OEM Integration for Select Makes: 1,500 feet range, uses factory remote

The Flashlogic FLCAN gets points for its unique ability to directly integrate with a factory remote on select makes like Toyota, Lexus, and Scion. You get 1,500 feet of range from your existing keyfob. For a completely seamless OEM upgrade, the FLCAN can’t be beat.

Key Considerations for Choosing Your Remote Starter

Now that you’ve seen the cream of the crop, how do you decide which one is right for you? Here are some key factors to consider:

  • Vehicle Type: Choose a remote starter designed for your engine – gas, diesel, hybrid, manual transmission, etc.
  • Range Requirements: Determine how far away you need to start your vehicle – 100 feet, 500 feet, 1 mile, etc. Longer range requires a more powerful system.
  • Smartphone Control: Models with smartphone apps allow unlimited range and real-time tracking.
  • Number of Remotes: The number of included keyfob remotes varies. Evaluate how many you need.
  • Installation: DIY vs professional installation depends on your technical skill. Some starters are plug-and-play.
  • Extra Features: Additional capabilities like alarm systems, keyless entry, and trunk release add convenience.
  • Brand Reputation: Look for reliable remote start brands known for quality and customer support.
  • Budget: Prices range from under $100 to over $300. Set realistic spending expectations.

Remote Car Starter FAQs

Still have questions before you take the leap and go remote? Here are answers to some frequently asked questions:

How does a remote starter work?

Remote starters work by wiring into your vehicle’s electrical system and ignition. When you transmit the start signal, it triggers the ignition to start the engine.

Can you add remote start to any car?

Most gas vehicles can be retrofitted with remote start but some newer models require additional modules and programming. Manual transmissions present extra challenges.

What is the range of most remote starters?

Average range is 1,000 to 2,500 feet but some systems extend up to 1 mile. Extended range requires more powerful components.

Do remote car starters drain your battery?

Idle battery drain is minimal on most quality starters. But it’s smart to have a backup battery or plug in a trickle charger if parking for extended periods.

Can remote starters be hacked?

Basic systems are vulnerable but cryptography and encrypted transmissions on advanced models block hacking attempts. Quality remote starters are very secure.

Time to Feel the Warmth

Alright friends – I hope this breakdown of the best remote car starters for 2024 gets you fired up and motivated to upgrade your morning routine. No more icy commutes or snow-covered windshields! Remember to pick the model that fits both your vehicle and lifestyle needs.

And when you’re ready to take your remote start game to the next level, cruise on over to TAS Electronics right here in Toledo, Ohio. Their team of experts can perfectly pair you with one of these exceptional Compustar remote starters for seamless installation in your vehicle.

Feel free to reach out with any questions – they’re always happy to help you find your ideal starter and get your car running in tip top shape for winter. Don’t let the cold beat you down – beat it back with the convenience of remote start from TAS Electronics!

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